Why Do You Like Yourself?

Hello my lovelies!

I know you all are feeling pretty good from the new habit of writing down your gratitudes from the last time we chatted.

Did you see a lot of gratitude for things, people, events and such last week? Did you notice the amazing in the little things? Awesome. You are on your way to building this gratitude muscle nicely. Some days I was grateful to just make it though the day and that is totally ok.

We are now going add to that new habit and list what you are grateful for about YOURSELF. I know. Uncomfortable.  Hear me out though.

You have got to start appreciating YOURSELF.

I am not talking about the massages (or “neck” massager you bought from the mall), nail appointments or the like. I am talking about looking at yourself in the mirror and voicing (yes, out-loud and proud) what you are thankful for as it pertains to your own body or person. Yipes!

Start with anything.

You have beautiful eyes to see what is important to you. You have great posture to stand proud. You have cute toes. Start small if you are uncomfortable. If you commit to doing this every morning, it will get easier and more fun. Why you like YOURSELF? Tell yourself!

I have done this each morning and I have no idea why it works, but it does. I feel more in control of my actions and behaviors.

Here my list from this morning:

I am thankful that I am strong. Strong enough to thrive with Hemophilia. Strong enough to change myself into whatever I want and strong enough to make a positive difference every day.

I am thankful for my growing patience. I know that my patience is getting better and better every day. My incredible patience will help me stay calm when the stress monsters pop up all over the place today. My patience will allow me to acknowledge that stress monster as a trigger and move past him without letting him into my life.

I am thankful for my ears. My ears will help me listen to my loved ones today and really hear what they are saying. My ears help me gain a deeper understanding of my world by remaining open to listen.

I am thankful for my awareness of myself. I know that I am a kicker and a screamer. A complainer. Someone who feels every emotion too strongly. Because I am aware of these things. I have the power to change them. I will recognize my bad behavior and stop it.

I am thankful to be alive right now.

Your challenge this week: Keep writing down something you are grateful for each day, add a verbal list of what you are grateful for about yourself each morning.

Show me! #ManyMiniMods when you are putting stuff out there on the interwebs!





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