90 Days to Make IT Happen

Hi Friend, I miss you. I apologize, I have been a total slacker and that sucks.

I struggle with the juggle (and the jiggle) of work, YouTube, the Hemos Unite Podcast, personal stuff (like controlling my gummi bear addiction), my awesome kid and regular old life stuff. We all do. This blog was intended to help us both stay focused and achieve our goals, whatever they may be. My focus has been anywhere but here. Ugh.

Time to check myself before I wreck myself. Gotta figure out what I want to finish up before the end of 2015. Can you believe the year is almost over? This year has been amazing, so why should it stop just because I/you/we lost focus? It shouldn’t. Let’s wrap it up and kick its butt.

So. What is IT going to be? Get IT together and make a plan of attack. What are your current projects? What ‘IT’can you do/start/finish before 2015 is done?

We have 90 days left in 2015.  Ninety Days. In that amount of time I could drop 2 dress sizes, quit diet soda (I am on day 6 without the poison!), Konmari my whole house, finish that huge project at work, plan two Hemophilia events, finish ALL the stuff in my bullet journal and start 2016 with a super clean slate and a whole new me. Uh, even just one of those sounds pretty freaking great to me.

Many productivity coaches say that too many goals create chaos. I get that. So I am going to only focus on one – which actually has a million mini mods, so I won’t get bored while going for this – I am going to lose two dress sizes before the end of the year. Every year I say I am going to get closer to that pre-baby weight and every year I fail. 2015 will not be another year that this does not happen. Do you have a recurring resolution that is going to pop up in 90 days?

In my tradition of changing just ONE thing until I have a handle on it here is my plan:

  1. Eliminate diet soda and replace with water
  2. Meal Planning so I have the proper nutrition with more plant based foods (bonus! saves money also!!!)
  3. Exercising with modifications 5 days a week, starting with 10 minutes and working up to 30 with out using ankle

What can you do? What do you really want to get done or get started?Tell me your last quarter goals and commit to get it done – even with the impending holiday season. I want to know and be inspired! Comment below and let’s cheer each other on.





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