Bitchin’ Blogs from Nicole Antionette. This girl is hilarious, has her stuff all figured out and is really doing life right. Warning. You will be addicted to her wit and straight shooting style. She is inspirational. She is all about cutting through the crap and making a committment to yourself. by Amy E. Smith. One serious bad ass lady with a great sense of humor. I love her podcast and she always makes me laugh before getting into some seriously kick-ass content. She is one of the main reasons I am trying all kinds of new things and really putting myself out there. As she puts it “You need to try new things and decide if they are a ‘Hell-Yeah’ or a ‘Hell-No’!” with Pat Flynn. He sounds like the NICEST guy on the planet, has fantastic actionable content and great guests. He has been instrumental with a couple of the businesses I am growing. Thanks Pat! His podcast is a great resource for SoloPreneurs. with Jen. She has a lot of helpful ideas on becoming your most awesomest person ever. She is funny and fun and I just love all of her posts. They always have a message that I need to hear. Plus she is part of a Super Secret Group of Awesome Ladies. She is coming up on a podcast soon, be sure to check her out. Uhhh…Who knew there was someone out there who can actually TEACH you how to be a better writer. I need her help (duh, you say). She has a bitchen’ free course right now and it freaking rocks. Plus – her videos are so dang cute, I just want to hang out with her at a Creative Live Retreat at the Super House. She is totally relatable and teached so you can UNDERSTAND and most importantly, IMPLEMENT. so – this gal is a Bad Ass. She is truley her own person, a crafter with a unique line of handmade jewelry.  I met her in the Super Secret Awesome Ladies Group also. I really love her spunk and style. She also is quite the traveller – her blog is really cool and you can live vicariously through her if you can’t get out and about.

Domesticraft! This lady is the kewlest. I absolutely LOVE her style, her HUMONGOUS heart, her everything. Funny story – before I became Internet Besties with her – I followed her and thought she was this super awesome rockstar crafer. Turns out – she really is. I couldn’t believe it when I met her in the Super Secret Group also. You probably already follow her, but ya gotta check out her Instagram and play along. She is fun.

The Heartfelt Craft Shop My dear Blanca is the creative superstar behing this awesome blog. She is absolutely amazing. I LOVE everything about this woman. She is creative, passionate, loves to help kids and just A-DOR-A-BLE. She creates classes for kids to foster creativity and self esteem at the same time.  I love that whatever she does is covered in love. Of course she is a member of the League of Supers,  duh.

Sarah Shotts – ummm. Fabulous? She is a Super (Hello? Obviously) I cannot tell you how in Awe I am of her. She does it ALL. Director, Blogger, Chef, Super Sweet Awesome Bundle of Get Shit Done…. my love for this creative is infinity big.  Does that even make sense? Kris – help me out here!










  1. Matti! Thank you for putting me on this list! You pretty much did a run down of my fave blogs <3

    • Send me some more that you like and I will check them out. Adding Mayi and April – duh – and Baby Boo…and some other business peeps. I kinda like having a catch all – so hard to manage when you get am email about a new post and then get caught in the Internet spiral.

    • Hey, you’re the goto exrpet. Thanks for hanging out here.

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