Get 15 Hours Of Sleep

Some people thrive on 5 hours of sleep. They are creating their second business until midnight and jumping out of bed at 4:45 for their 20 mile run along the beach before being massively productive the entire day and then having energy to create a gourmet meal, play with their kids and sex up their mate. I am not one of these people.

I can be massively productive and play with the kids, or I can work on my other business and make a decent dinner.  I have never been able to run 20 miles (yet) and sex is the last thing on my mind. Poor husband.

Forget about all the health benefits from getting enough sleep, it just FEELS so dang good. If I could sleep in until 8am every day, I think I would be in heaven. I don’t. I have a three year old, a full time job, a podcast, a blog, a desire to get in shape and a second business. Even when I get 8 hours, one of those projects looses the battle to get on the schedule. My tendency is to burn the midnight oil and (of course) the work out is the first goal to get the boot. So what do you do?

Just freaking sleep.  I am talking a major sleep event. Take the kids to Grandma’s house for the weekend, check into a Hilton (they have the best pillows) and SleepCation your ass off for two days. That is not always possible. But at least one day a week, I unplug, go to bed right after dinner and sleep for 10 straight glorious hours. It is amazing. My mind and body is refreshed, I am more creative and excited about everything in my life. So, I say, wether it be 5 hours or 15 hours – get some sleep!

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