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This one seems like an easy one right? Stop eating and start working out again.  Duh. Well, it seems that my metabolism and motivation do not quite work as well as they did back in my 20s. Hence, Mini Mods. Time to create new habits… different habits, in order to get this old body back to a healthy smaller version.

Clean Eating Every Day

Switch to Organic Everything. This is quite a hit on the wallet, but so worth it. I feel better about the food I am putting in my mouth.  I feel REALLY good about what I am feeding my son. I started by just buying produce at the Farmer’s Market instead of the grocery. I moved to planting my own veggie garden and just picking my veggies right out of the ground.  We haven’t taken full advantage of the space we have but I am excited to redo this soon and get an amazing little patch of goodness going.

Green Juice every morning:  I know, I know…EVERYONE is juicing. It really does work though. You feel better, you look better and gosh darn it, if you put enough fruit in, it will start to taste good.

A Crap Ton of Water: The more the better. All day. Every Day. This is an easy one for me, as I really LOVE just plain ice water…but I love Diet Dr. Pepper just a little bit more. As long as I start off with water and keep shifting my refills to the actual water cooler – then we are all good.  Some tricks to keep focused?

  1. Liftapp open on iPad throughout day, reminding me of all my Mini Mods.
  2. Rubber Band on my wrist. I snap it when I do something I am trying to stop. An oldie, but it really  works.
  3. Remove all the triggers. No soda in the house, if I do, it is the tiniest can I can possibly find.  My husband helped me one night by swinging by to get some soda as i REALLY wanted one…he came home with 5, yes F-I-V-E humongous 2 liters. OMG. Thanks babe. I think I had an entire 2 liter that day.
  4. Lots of really COLD water in the fridge at all times. Easy to refill. Make it easy.


Get My Ass in GEAR:

I used to think that I did not like to exercise. That is not true. When I do, I feel amazing. I feel strong, healthy, fit and ready to do it again as soon as I can. Just stop the excuses and get moving.

Skip the Laundry Today: Trouble is, I think I don’t have enough time to work exercise into my crazy schedule. I do though. The house is already a mess, so I don’t get to use that as an excuse. So what, if I skip the laundry one more day. I bet 30 minutes of Yoga or a Walk will give me the energy to conquer the laundry when I am done, anyway.

Get Up Earlier: I have been getting up at 5, sometimes 4:30 each morning, so I actually have some me time each day. I have usually just been futzing around the house and being very quiet as not to wake everyone else. Why aren’t I taking the dogs on a walk, or stretching or something? Which leads to the next Mini Mod…

Put Your Work Out Clothes OUT: the day/night before so while you are stumbling around in the dark, you can get the garb on without needed to be fully awake. I put mine in the bathroom so they are the second thing I do when I wake up.

Actually put on Work Out Clothes: You need a physical change to program a mental shift that signals you are going to be doing a new activity.  It is totally ok if you don’t actually work out THE FIRST DAY. The deal is to just get the clothes on to remove that barrier and excuse. But C’Mon, you aren’t going to even do a dang squat or two when you look all ‘Work-Outtery’? Seriously, the goal is to just get the clothes on, what you decide to do after that is up to you.

Take the Stairs: I quit the elevator sometime in 2012 and really haven’t looked back. I take the stairs when I park in the structure at work, when I go to my floor in the building. Granted that is only a total of 6 flights up and 6 flights down, but that adds up fast. Especially carrying all the bags and when I forget my phone in the car.

Run a Marathon, One Minute at a Time: I used to be able to run an the treadmill for 45 minutes, full-out and not have a problem. Now, I can barely walk the hills in my neighborhood without feeling like I am going to have a heart attack. Well, that is just stupid. I see women my age in FANTASTIC shape. I want to run with my BFF from college in one of her marathon’s, but if I can’t run a block, it will be a little difficult. So. How to change that? I try to walk my dogs everyday. At first it was hard to fit that in the schedule, but I reworked my work day to fit it in. After I mastered the walk habit, I added a slow jog. The slow jog was to only last ONE minute in the beginning. That one minute absolutely killed me, but I did it. Seriously, I can’t run for a freaking minute? That was unacceptable to me and embarrassing. My goal for 2014  is to be able to run a 5k and not collapse. The 2015 goal is to run a half-marathon and 2016 to be able to run a full marathon. These may change. I may not LIKE running with so many people, but you gotta put something down to reach for, or else, where are you going?

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