How To Stop The Overwhelm

I have been working non stop on ALL of the thing I have going on in my life, as I am sure you have been also. A member of my Mastermind Group called, she felt like she was spinning out of control with all the pressure she is under. She vented, I listened. I could hear myself in her voice and could feel the stressful energy just shooting off of her. Once we got all that negative stuff out and over with we moved on to the getting back on track phase or our short conversation.  As we ended the call on a positive, energized note, I realized that we just turned her whole perspective around in a few short steps, that I am sure I learned from The Joy Junkie somewhere along the way. Here they are:

Vent – and Get It All Out

Call a friend, write in your journal, go in the backyard and scream your lungs out – whatever, just get out all of your frustrations. Be sure to not spend too much time on this – you don’t want to go into a spiral. Get ’em good and out because you’re going to let them go.

Get Over It

Be aware that you are aware (this is a total Amy-ism) of what you are doing and feeling. You’re stressed out and overwhelmed and the only thing you have control over is yourself and how you choose to deal with it. Acknowledge your negative energy,  focus on breathing big and deep and when you are ready, choose to be productive, and in control instead of crazy and stuck. Say goodbye to that icky feeling.

Start Small

Turn on some music, really loud and clean the bathroom. Run around the block. Do some stretches at your desk. Do SOMETHING that is DIFFERENT from what you were doing when you were reeling. I like to just physically get out of that space. Change of environment does wonders. Especially when you are easily distracted by shiny objects like I am.

Tackle One Item

On your previously overwhelming list and just do that. Notice how much better you feel? Just doing ONE thing – anyone can do just one thing right?

Way to go – over it – moving on and not letting anything stop you. Congrats. What are you going to do now?


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