I Am A Shitty Writer, How About You?

just once a monthThis site was never intended to be a blog. It was a place to capture my podcasts and that was pretty much it. The podcasts have been pushed back due to some important scheduling issues.  I was already was paying for the damn site, so I had better throw some stuff up right? Is anyone even reading this anyway? Hi Mom.

Then something happened. I remembered that I really enjoy writing. I am not good at it, but I enjoy putting the ideas out there. It gets rid of stuff in my head and changes the way I see things. My goal is to write Something down once a month for 2014. Seriously? Once a month – don’t get crazy with your goals, right? Well, once a month is a goal I can hit. I like to actually reach my goals and, it is all about creating the habits here. Slow and steady in this case.  Eventually, the quality and frequency will improve, but that is not what the focus is right now. The focus is to just do it. Once a month.

I am shitty at a lot of things. I am shitty at getting together with friends to just have fun. Too busy, too tired…yadda yadda. No more excuses, just once a month to hang with awesome people and relax again. It has been awesome.

I am shitty at cleaning the house. Now, just once a month I clean the crap out of just one room in the house. Detailing just once a month? Totally do-able. I throw on my Pat Flynn podcasts or blast some tunes and I just zone out. It is actually kinda fun.

I am shitty at finishing my Coursera Courses. Well, those I can’t actually do just once a month – that is actually why I am not finishing any. That will be added to a future Just Once A Day post.

So, what are you shitty at? How about joining me in it once a month? Just once a month, to be less shitty at it… possibly great at it? So easy.



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