and My Addiction To It

width_940_244-SquatsAs you know this project is about change and Kaizen-ing yourself. In this day and age, we have endless help and encouragement via the amazing internet. Remember, I was around when the first computer was rolled out and played Pong for hours, so I am forever amazed. One app I discovered on the Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast is I have tried habit forming/tracking apps before and found that they were annoying or not motivating enough.  Lift is the opposite. It combines goals tracking, a diary of sorts and a social element which is what makes it so fun.  I listen to John ( in the car,  and added the app as soon as I got home. I haven’t stopped using it in 6 45 days. People, 6 45whole days. I haven’t used an app that much in a row without getting bored in forever.

What I specifically love about Lift:

  1. Community:  you can join a group of people who are working on a big goal, or follow someone who inspires you. I have asked questions in my notes and received responses that helped a bunch. Having followers makes you want to do a better job every day. Put Up or Shut Up, Right?
  2. It is a simple design, user friendly. Very easy to manage.
  3. STREAKS. There are streaks on other apps, but this take on it seems better.
  4. Being able to see everything I am trying to change, in my face, everyday. My iPad is always being used, podcasts for commute, calendar, email, work apps, the net… seriously, how did life go on before this?
  5. Seeing the failure alongside a win. My completed habits/tasks move to the bottom of my list those pesky ones are at the top. Waiting patiently for me to get even one check mark on them.
  6. Getting ideas from the notes from other users. You can see other users success and habits they are working on and the good ones add a note on their check offs. I get SO MANY ideas from these. You will see credit given if they are mentioned in one of the @ManyMiniMods.
  7. Coaching plans – currently in Beta, but they are awesome. Kinda like what I am doing here with Mini Mods. One big goal achieved thorough daily action.
  8. Easy to stay on ‘task’ without writing it down every damn day! I used to keep a list in my filofax and check it off everyday each week. This is so much easier, as I now use my written planner as a to-do list for each day
  9. It is addicting.  I keep adding things and am seeing results. Nothing has gotten me up as many days in a row as wanting to make a check mark on the “Get Up EVERY Day at 5 AM” goal. Weird.
  10. It is SO EASY. No more excuses 🙂

Things I hate about

  1. It is not everywhere. I would love it to be  Android friendly. I have an Android phone, but can only use iPad mini for Lift.

Scratch that! They are Android friendly now. Apparently now I only love Lift. Find me and friend me, let’s help each other reach our goals, together.

So folks, One of the very first Mini Mods you can do, is check out this app and add ONE thing you tried and decided to make a habit.


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