May Get Fit Challenge Matti vs. Kathie

So, I got this little challenge from one of my besties today..

I, Trophy_yf, challenge you to a weight loss battle of the fitness plans.  My plan, by Pieces in Progress, to your plan of choice.  Because I don’t want to give you too much time to back out, the challenge starts tomorrow, May 1 and shall run the entire month of May….scared??

Um… Hell Yeah – lets do it! Challenge accepted. I love that it is program vs. program. Kathie’s program is free and I am a Beach Body Coach, so if you are interested, leave me a comment on here or Instagram as you see the results. We love healthy competition and what a great way to succeed in our health goals together. She does not live near me, so we will be posting updates on Instagram and Facebook with #MayGetFit.  We are so on the same page…she sent this to me at the same time I was writing this…

To keep us on track, there will be a daily list of what we must do, according to our plan and Instagram posts every other day…the content is up to you, video of exercises, post exercise selfie, pre-exercise trash talk…etc. 

We challenge YOU! Send this to a friend and pick a program. Join us in the May Get Fit Challenge and post your pic and double dog dares to us. I haven’t decided if I am going to do the 21 Day Fix or PiYo yet, I will let you know via Instagram.

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