My 6 Best Friends, 3 Who Don’t Know I Exist

I think Jim Rohn said you should surround yourself with the 5 people you most want to be like and spend most (like 85%) of your time with them. I don’t have the exact quote, but you get the point. Here are the 5 people I spend my valuable time with every week, and most times, every day.

John Lee Dumas from This guy is definitely on fire. He has a DAILY podcast and interviews successful entrepreneurs to reach his goal of inspiring millions. He was the first podcast I started listening to and the reason I decided to start a podcast myself. He reminded me that ever since I was a child, I wanted to help people for a living. While I do that in my capacity as a private wealth manager, I want to help people reach ALL of their dreams. I want people to blossom into who they were meant to be. To become the person who feels and lives life every day exactly the way they want.

Why I keep John in the circle: Energy and Focus!

Pat Flynn from Pat is the nicest guy I have never met. I listen to his podcast daily also, since there are a few in his back catalog to catch up on. He is a genius. The more I listen to him, the more ideas I get. He is so open and helpful, even though I am SO FAR AWAY from understanding what he is talking about sometimes, I still like him. He is wildly successful as so down to earth, and puts his family first.

Why I keep Pat in the circle: To stay Grounded and Be Nice.

Amy E. Smith She Rocks. Hilarious, has stuff figured out and totally owns who she is. Her advise is terrific and she has a way of cutting through all the crap and getting you to take responsibility for your own actions. Her podcast is released on Wednesdays and she has great tips to really get your life together.

Why I keep Amy in the circle: To remember to be true to my authentic self.

Andrea Owen, Your Kick-Ass Life. She tells it to you straight and has completely turned her life into exactly what she wants. She is the first coach I stumbled upon in my search for a life coach that resonated with me. I was blaming and denying and running away from some big responsibilities. After reading some of her posts, decided that I needed to just work on myself, instead of trying to change other people. What a concept. She and Amy E. Smith, co-founded The Self Love Revolution and it was the right message at the right time.

Why I keep Andrea in the circle: No matter what has happened in my past, I have the power to determine my future.

Mayi Carles from Heartmade and creator of  Life is Messy Bootcamp. She is SO CUTE! She has a video every Friday and that I watch every week. She has a great organization system which is also super cute and fun to use. I signed up for a course she offered with her friend April Bowles Olin, the Blacksburg Belle, called Connecting the Gaps and it was fantastic. I actually focused on myself everyday with mini-missions they created. I still use the tools they created when I am planning out ALL the stuff I need to do.

Why Mayi and April are in the circle: To remember to have FUN and stay organized.


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