Create Your Ideal Day

Constantly striving to make my ideal day a reality, I have never hit the goal. It does not stop me. It should not stop you. You gotta have an ideal day written down somewhere to actually achieve it, right? A work day, a play day, a perfect vacation day, get them all down somewhere. Trying to fit it all in requires a template, here is my ideal work day. What is yours?

4:55 am: Get up before everyone else to a pump up song (currently Katy Perry‘s ROAR, usually something by Pink) and revel in my alone time. Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning commences…

5:00 AM – Wake Up (Brush Teeth/Wash Face/Big Stretches)
5:05 AM – Silence (Meditate/Breath/Be Still)
5:10 AM – Affirmations (Read Out Loud w/ Conviction)
5:15 AM – Visualization (Dream Board/My Ideal Day/Ideal Week)
5:20 AM – Write (Journal)
5:25 AM – Read (Self-help Books/Magazines/Articles)
5:40 AM – Exercise (Yoga/Weight Lifting/Running)
6:00 AM – Get Ready (Shower/Dress/Drink Green Juice
get factor ready, Etc.) Get everyone else up!

6:30 AM – Family Breakfast
7:00 AM – Factor Infusion for Son
7:20 AM – Get Everyone off to Start Their Days
7:45 AM – Sourcing for Online Biz
8:30 AM to 11:30 AM – Work on Practice, Podcast and Blog

11:45 – Lunch with a Pal, Client or Contact
1 PM – Walk the Dogs
1:30 PM -4:45PM –Work on Practice, Podcast and Blog

5 PM –Start Dinner and Play with Family Outside
6:15 PM – Family Dinner
7 PM– Night Time Routine for the Kiddo
8 PM – Work on Online Store and Packaging
9:30 PM – Set Up the Next Day for Success
9:50PM – Recap and Planning with Filofax and Google
10 PM –  Lights Out

If I could hit this perfect schedule 3 days a week – I would feel amazing.  This leaves no time for errands and shopping of course, but this is an ideal day. Michael Hyatt created an ideal week and I am working on doing the same. Much more margin built into the week to get other things done. Margin is necessary.

The key, in my opinion is planning and prepping. Makes the day go much smoother. Show me your ideal days, weeks, whatevers!




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