New Subscription Box Obsession

Boxy Charm

What is the Big Deal about these Subscription Boxes, Anyway?

1. Getting a box in the mail every month is pretty freaking fun. A little box of surprises for a couple of bucks? Um, ok. Sometimes there is a bunch of junk that you will never use (Hello, Happy Mail and Christmas stocking stuffers!) but most of the time you get some really great products for super cheap and a fun way to experiment with your look.


2. The community is fun! Instagramming about these boxes has opened up the friendship floodgates. People in this space love to see what is in your box of goodies, even if they got the same dang box. It is just fun.

Glossy Box


3. The dang unboxing videos on YouTube have inspired me to make my own. So, I cam learning Final Cut Pro and figuring out that whole thing. The videos have been pretty bad so far, so I will hopefully launch that in June of 2015. Building the confidence for having a channel will be just the beginning, of what – who knows? But it will be fun, that is for sure.

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