October Glossy Box vs. Boxy Charm Unboxing and Giveaway

So they both NAILED it this month. GREAT products and such a great deal!!!!


So – after a rambly video…here are some of the goods, close up:

IMG_20151030_141339 (3)IMG_20151030_141526 (1)

Major RED happening in this Glossy Box – Huzzow. SUPER pigmented lip gloss and classic RED.



IMG_20151030_141357 (1)  SKIN CARE! YES! You know I would rather make sure that my skin stays hydrated and exfoliated because that always makes any makeup you put on, less necessary and better looking 🙂




Great presentation by both boxes. Here is the Boxy Charm October edition:

IMG_20151030_141713IMG_20151030_142010 (1)

This nail polish is freaking Awesome. Easy to apply and take off



IMG_20151030_142106 (1)

This month’s giveaway!



Here is the giveaway this month! Head over to my YouTube and be the third person to comment before Nov 30, 2015 and I will send these to you. Happy Halloween!

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