QuitcherBitchen, Time For A Back To Basics Gratitude Challenge


2016 is on the way out.  It was the best year and the worst year.  Aren’t they all? For us, we made a major life change and because of that, we are evaluating which relationships will survive the move.  I struggle every day with a positive outlook on life. So, I am running a little challenge to help get my crappy attitude back in check.


We have all been told and read, “What you think about, you bring about” and I get it. The Pollyanna in me wants to believe in sunshine and rainbows are shooting out of everyone’s Chakras and the Law of Attraction is going to make me win the lottery.


But, come on.


The truth is, if you want sunshine and rainbows you have to create the damn things yourself. Will you get there by focusing on doom and gloom? Maybe, but dang that will be tough.  By nature I am an Eeyore. Do I need to let that creep into every fiber of my being? Hell No. Get me some Tigger up in here.


Let’s jump on this gratitude bandwagon and be aware of the good shit for a while. There is usually a lot of good shit happening all around us. Sometimes, we just need a reminder.

I challenge YOU to record the good stuff everyday.  I am doing that in my journal and on my IG. Will you join me? #GratitudeChallenge

Let’s clear out the bad shit. It will still be there but we need to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves. Focus on the little blessings you see in your normal day. Did you get to work on time? Did your bike tire actually keep air IN it today? Did your child smile? Did you avoid a fight? Did you get out of bed?

Next week. We are going to add on to this little challenge. So, open your eyes and heart. Notice the good things and tell me where you are recording them. Tag me and add #GratitudeChallenge to show me. Mini Modifications. Now.

See you next week with your next challenge.




  1. I’m in!

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