Should it be called MakeCrap?

Holy Crap.  I am learning so much about makeup. First, there is a LOT of crap in it. Second, it is kinda fun., so what is a gal to do? Try them all out and Research!

It is so hard to figure out what products to try because the beauty industry is overrun with so many choices. How to chose and how to know what is IN the products. I use the EWG Cosmetic Database to research products and subscription boxes to test out products. I started the subscription boxes BEFORE I knew how much research I would be putting in and how horrible the States are about regulating the beauty industry.

For example, the EWG states that formaldehyde is in our beauty products, but you need to be an investigator to figure out how the manufacturers are hiding it nowadays. Yipes! AND WHAT ABOUT ALL THOSE PARABENS? There are a lot and only a couple have been cleared for use, although I am pretty sure I want to stay away if I can. Propylparaben is an anti-fungal/anti-microbial which – yeah – I don’t want fungus in stuff I rub all over myself – and apparently this is on the good to go list. BUT, there are some that think the parabens are linked to breast cancer. Since skin absorbs everything, do I really want to add more crap to my system? Nope.

Are there any “safe” products out there? I stumbled upon Mark’s Daily Apple blog and he has quite a few on the list. Check out all of his research, as he has done a much better job than I have. The Modification for today: Invest in the Good Stuff.

In the meantime…I have discovered Subscription Boxes – OMG. So fun. I will be putting up unboxing videos and reviewing all the goodies and research all the products. So far there are a few companies I have stumbled upon that seem to be pretty up on all the nasties and keep them OUT of their products.  More to come, once I figure out how to use the editing software!

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