Step Into the Sunshine

I have been reflecting a lot on the past year. I started the year with the over arching goal of being fully AWARE of myself. Actions, words, tone, thoughts, it was rough. It was eye opening, emotional and raw. 2014 was one of the best years of my life.

The feeling of discovering my strengths, weaknesses, passions, non-negotiables and power feels like I have finally stepped into the sunshine and feel the light and warmth on my body. ALL THE TIME. I love that feeling. I am addicted to that feeling.  All the work I have been doing on myself really paid off. Projects were launched and formed lives of their own, I have made positive impacts on people which they tell has changed their lives, I met and now collaborate with incredible people, I am so busy I get so exhausted that sometimes I need to just take a whole day to do nothing and I absolutely love it. I still have a big mouth and don’t know when to shut up, but at least I am aware of that now. I have learned to use said Big Mouth to help people and stand up for those who cannot.

I did a lot wrong in 2014, and instead of ignoring my mistakes, I am examining and learning from them – at least trying to. I am one of those people that needs to learn a lesson over and over until it is almost physically painful for me to REALLY get it. I would much rather be where I am now. Aware, painfully learning and rejoicing in meaningful accomplishments is much better then ignorant bliss, in my opinion.

2015 is scary, awesome and exciting – already. I can’t wait to tackle this year and surpass 2014 in a big way. What did you learn from last year? what are going to DO this year? Tell me. I love you and REALLY love it when you engage in the conversation. Put yourself out there. Tell me what you want for yourself this year. Tell me how you are going to step into the sunshine and become your best self.



  1. I love stepping into the sunshine!!! The beauty of getting older (in my humble opinion) is that it’s easier to accept yourself as who you are. It’s a beautiful process! Like Richelle said, maybe some things aren’t meant to change. Maybe we should embrace our inner beauty & learn to empower it rather than fight it. I discovered in goal setting this year that I have to be good to myself. Last year I tried to be Wonder Woman (she was my idol!), but it didn’t work out so good. and that’s okay! I grew from it & this year will be even better!

    • I loved Wonder Woman also Trish! I was addicted to that. Didn’t she twirl around super fast to change into her outfit? Awesome. We are all going to be so strong after all this dang growth, eh???

  2. Yay Matti!
    What an excellent post. I love your attitude! I feel the same way. The older I get, the more I learn about myself. I am through wasting time trying to fight things I cannot change and instead ask “How can I work this to my advantage”.

    This year was the first year I did not put “Wake up earlier” in my resolutions because I am done fighting myself. I wake up naturally at about 8:15. I adjusted my schedule to work with my body clock. Ahhhh. One less battle.

    • I read that post Richelle! I loved it. Can’t wait till my kid sleeps past 6:30 to go back to that as well!!! I envy you with the ability to be so creative, travel and really live your passion. I can’t wait until I can sustain us on my creations. Don’t you wish all girls would realize that they need to love their quirks? Can you imagine how kick ass all women would be EARLIER if they could realize what you have?

  3. Hi Matti! ♡

    I’m a lot like you in having to learn the hard way sometimes, like over and over and over again. This is the year I’m kicking that self-defeating crap to the curb!! You with me, Matti?! ?

    One of my big dreams/goals/intentions is to get my systems and studio seriously organized so that I can spend the least amount of time maintaining them as possible. And in so doing, I can focus the bulk of my time on creative products, projects and collaborations and learning! ♡ Getting it together, so I am more available to give to others! I am so flippin’ excited!!!!

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