Life Lessons From Sewing Class

Goals: Cross something off my possibilities list (determine if this going to be a Hell Yeah or a Hell NO!), Be a Bright Shiny Person in the room again, Do Something  for ME.

In this journey to live better and be better by making Many Mini Modifications to myself, I have remembered that I absolutely LOVE doing new things and meeting new people. Sometimes we get stuck in our routines of errands, to-do lists, work, kid stuff and sneaking in a freaking bath for 10 minutes is impossible, let alone a whole class to learn something new, C’mon, who has that much free time? Well, when you consider that experiences, relationships and growing are some of the most important things we can do to live a fulfilled life, we all can make some time, can’t we?

My mother in law gave me a sewing class for my birthday at Koffa Design Group, and I was very excited. MY mom can sew and makes the most amazing shirts for my Little; it is an enviable skill and a lost art.  One of my Pinterest Boards has my dreams of being a knitting, crocheting sewing master, but I can’t even thread a needle. Ok, that isn’t true. I learned to hand hem my pants for the day job a long time ago, but that is it. I tried to crochet with my grandmother and I was tasked to practice on a scarf…or fat worm. It is not going so well.

The day of the class arrived, after being scheduled 4 months out because of all those birthday parties, errands and meal planning – but the point is – It got ON the schedule and it was finally here. It felt so good to do something for myself. I felt a little selfish for taking the time, but why? I do so much for so many people, sneaking away for 4 hours shouldn’t make me feel guilty. I got over it pretty quick when I learned how to thread the machine and make a pleat.

A Hem, Seam Allowance and Dart

Boom. Next up… evening gown. The instructor, Koffa, is pretty cool and has a good sense of humor. Two BIG takeaways from Koffa are: It is all about control – you are the one in control of the machine (and life) and If you make a mistake just say “Ok – well, who cares?” Learn and move on!

Even better than learning a few basic skills on the machine was meeting the very helpful and adorable Zoe who sat next to me. She attended with her mom and I learned that this talented family had a catering business and recently started their YouTube channel to teach quick and healthy meal preparation. So, basically, I met a YouTube star. How cool is THAT? I am going to be making her healthy chicken nuggets this week and I am sure will be gathering lots of her videos in my (just started) cooking playlist.

So – by getting out and learning some mad sewing skills, I got some time in for myself, met a future cooking show star and some new creative friends. Not to bad for just getting out there. So what do YOU want to learn? Cooking, surfing, photography. Sign up for a class – a LIVE class – and see if it floats your boat.

So I acheived more than the intended goals by making a couple of great connections also. That was a pretty nice bonus.

Bonus #2 – Koffa’s individual tutoring is very affordable. I see some of those Pinterest projects becoming a reality soon.


  1. Fun! I’m learning to sew… little by little. I did manage to make rainbow fabric valances for my niece for her birthday! Maybe by the time I have kids I can manage a Halloween costume. 😉

  2. This is such a great article. I really enjoyed meeting you and working you during the sewing class!!!!!!!

    See you soon


  3. Awesome post, Matti! I am not very good at sewing but i love it so i do it anyway. Maybe i should take a class 😉
    Good for you for taking some “Matti” time!!

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