Cure Hemophilia

Raise a Leader of our Future

Train the Turd Herd, No More Jumping, Calm Greetings, Stay,Sit, DeckWait, Walk without Pulling, Walk EveryDay, PlayTime EveryDay

Create a Great Marriage

Be a Fantastic Public Speaker

Raise or Personally Donate 1 Million a Year to Non-Profit Organizations that are Changing the World for the Better

Lead My Clients to a Happy Retirement

Take Care of My Parents and Grandparents when They Need Me

Travel the World (now that I will remember it):

Finish What I Start

Be a Size 4 Again by December 2014, Be a size 6 by Sept. 30, Be a size 8 by June 30, Be a size 10 by March 1 May 15Be a size 12 by Feb 28 March 15

Write a children’s Picture Book

Launch Blog

Launch Podcast for Many Mini Mods

Launch Hemophilia Podcast

Attend NMX 2015

Work one on one with Ije Ude, Amy E Smith,

Be a Great Mentor to Boy Wonder and Help Him Be Amazing

Run a Half Marathon with Riley, Register and plan for 1/2 marathon, fully run 14 miles without stopping,

Quit Diet Coke

Quit Dr. Pepper

Visit My Grandparents 4 times a year

Visit my friends in Lake Tahoe once a year

Visit my friends in AZ 4 times a year

Nurture Friendships where I am by getting together at least once a month

Have Family Meetings every Week!






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