#The100DayProject Inspired By Nicole Antionette


You know I am totally obsessed with Nicole Antionette, I ‘discovered’ her when a personal contact introduced us and I had the privilege to learn about her and her blog. How did I not find her on my own prior to this meeting still bugs me a little. Instantly, she resonated with me. I get her. I admire her strength, determination, creativity and honesty. I crave honest people. I respect that they appreciate my time and desire to cut through the fluff and get to the good (or bad) stuff in a graceful, yet firm, manner. I immediately told my friends and family to subscribe to her blog because it just rocks and is weirdly exactly what you need to hear at the exact time you need to hear it. Kinda creepy – in a freaking great way.

Her last email included a really cool project she had started in Feb. of this year. She created a ‘No BS Monthly Review’ and includes a candid podcast about her personal reflections on the previous month. This is genius. I am busy and I use that as an excuse to get out of my reflection and planning sessions – things which only make me a better person. By listening to her pod and doing the free printable review – I enjoy taking some time out to ‘get in the mood’ for reflection and clear intention setting for the new month. I physically pin mine up in the house, capture it on Evernote and will start Instagramming it for the world to see. Yipes. Commitment. I encourage you to sign up for the No BS Club with Nicole, so you can hear her work out this stuff with you.  Her addition of a podcast kicks ass also. I love me some good podcast. I could just listen to her all day long anyway – she inspires me. Hey Nicole – do a weekly show! I may have mentioned that to her once or twice already, but feel free to tell her yourself!

In that podcast, she also describes her latest cool project, #The100DayProject by Elle Luna, The Great Discontent and conceived by Michael Beirut. It is pretty fantastic and I love the endless possibilities. Across the globe, in 2011 New Zealand designer Emma Rogan started the 100 Days Project after reading about Michael Bierut’s ‘100 Days of Design’ class at Yale. That project starts in July. Here are their projects for 2014. Here is Emma’s talk on the project:

Do you see why I love Nicole? She brings me REALLY cool stuff. I am fired up! Doing her monthly review exercise is the reason you all are getting a blog post today.  I have family, projects, clients and businesses that require significant concentration and dedication, which leaves little to no time for me and you to have a conversation. I struggle with the juggle, but you are important to me and I also have a commitment to you. You get to see this messy, overworked mom figure out how to get all my obsessions and dreams fulfilled. That is why you like me, because if I can do it, then ANYONE can. Seriously.

Will you join me on #The100DayProject? Will you take 20 minutes to reflect on your month and set your intentions? Will you see how good reflection and planning can be for YOU and just you? Learn more about the project and how you can join the April 6 project here. Tag me when you join!

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