Then Do It

I talk to my son about goals everyday. If it isn’t outright “What are your goals for the day”, it is something about being a good person, focusing on kindness, etc. Often he hears me thinking outloud about how I need to make progress on a post in order to be consistent, or that I should start dinner now, otherwise we will end up going out to eat.

He has some pretty great advice for these thoughts. Gotta share them with you, because they work.

This morning I was making breakfast and noticing that my weight loss of 10 pounds has turned into only 5 pounds. I said, “I really need to work out.”  and my son looked at me, shrugged and matter-o-factly said “Then Do It” and walked away.

Um, yeah kid, I know WTF is my problem? Why don’t I just Nike the hell out of this and freaking get my ass in gear. It is only 30 minutes. I can certainly cut 30 minutes of my Instagram swiping time to achieve my perpetual goal of getting back down to a weight I love.

So…I did it. I went to yoga for an hour and even though I have severe joint pain, I did it. So, what should you be doing today?

Do it




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