Weekend Trip to Mammoth Lakes

Goals for the trip:

Matti: Unplug, be present, try new things and enjoy each moment and RELAX to be better and more productive in all areas of life. Accomplished – although I would have liked a little more time

Baby G: Make memories with the grandparents that will positively impact his life. Accomplished – splashing in the water, train rides and piggy back rides.



Hubs: Create a stronger connection and TALK. We are so busy, we need to just connect. Accomplished, mostly during the 6 hour car ride, it was fun and nice and needed.


image from paulanddavid.wordpress.com

 My hubs goes on a family camping trip every year and it is quite a relaxing setting. A quick 5 hour drive with a squirmy toddler in the middle of the night to arrive at one of the most beautiful places in California. The in-laws have a very sweet remembrance of Mammoth as they once built a house and lived in the area P.D. (pre-Dave – the hubs) and they visity at least once a year. we are fortunate enough to tag along on their trip down memory lane and hearing about their past is so sweet. I picture them as young and wild kids, newly married and living it up.

Usually, they rough it out in the middle of nowhere. Well, a pampered roughin’ it since I came on board. I am not super prissy. I actually like being out in the middle of nowhere with no electronic interruptions. Since we had a child, we have been staying a little closer to civilization. Nothing is scarier than being far away from medical help with a hemophiliac toddler on the loose and no sanitizer.

My plan was to enjoy the outdoors and start posting here again, now that my Hemos Unite! website and podcast are up and flowing nicely. My dream for this vacation was to have Gram and Gramps show baby G the great outdoors




 while I finished the 38 unfinished posts I have started, catch up on my reading, sleep in and hike a mountain while breathing fresh mountain air and wild animals sing and come talk to me like they did in those Disney classics.


From Disney.com

It didn’t work out that way, but that was the dream.

We found the cutest Toy Store, Mammoth Fun Shop with the nicest, coolest owners. I met Camille, the co-owner of the shop. She told me a lot about the shop and was so helpful. I love it when I can meet the owners and really feel good about where I shop. They have put a the little extras, that you wish every shop would do. An ice cream shop with freshly handmade waffle cones in fun colors, plenty of seating to relax and be silly, she even has emergency diapers in the kid changing station in the restrooms. Seriously, what shop owner do you know that thinks of details like that?


Seriously a fun shop!



Loads of Toys!

My favorite purchase, besides my Marion Berry Dairy Free (tasted like real creamy dreamy) ‘ice cream’, were these little tiny…and I mean tiny luck charms.



Are you freaking kidding me? A must have for sure. I went to Safari Ltd. to check out the models that they have and decided I am going to need to get MANY of these to send to other people. I think Camille actually sells them at a better price in her shop, so I am going to give her a call and see if I can just get them from her and have her ship them to me. Adorable.

We hit the in-laws favorite diner while we were on the hunt for a stream for Baby G to splash in.  This place has been around forever and was De-Lish! The Stove serves comfort food and you need to check the diet at the door but hey – you’re on vacation, right?

the stove


Arrive hungry and ask for Brandon, he was the friendliest, most engaging server I have had in a LONG time. He gave us some history on the area and  was just fantastic.

Our relaxing vacation was just getting started and, unfortunately, we had to get back to the city. We had to leave early because Hubs had to do some big thing at work and the wifi connection was pretty bad at the condo, so no telecommuting for us.  The goals were accomplished, albeit too short and I was reminded how much I love the great outdoors. Being surrounded by green trees and bubbling brooks really does it for me. I feel rejuvenated, smarter and truer to who I am. While I can’t get to a place as beautiful as Mammoth very often, I can get out to Griffith Park for a run with the kiddo and the dogs a lot more then I actually do, so what is stopping me?

Is there something that lights you up? Is there a joy that is missing because you are pulled in too many directions with too many obligations? We need to discover the things, places or acts that connect to our true self and feed our souls. Comment below and tell me what lights your fire and gets you going!







  1. Thank you for sharing such a good post, hope to see more post weiahflrygds.

  2. Hi Matti!

    I just discovered this piece that you wrote! Thanks again for coming in to Mammoth Fun Shop! I totally remember you and your family and I am thrilled that you had such a positive experience. Please come say hello next time you are in town and let me treat you to a cup of Marion Berry Sorbet. Hope all is well with you and your family! All the best, Camille Miller, Mammoth Fun Shop

  3. Ahhh, Nature. Nothing like it for a ‘reset’. We are lucky to live in SoCal, close to beach and mountains. We almost always take a weekend daytrip to clear our brains. It’s my fave place to work on my schedule.
    Awesome post, Matti!! It is my husbands dream to see a bear. Me, not so much.

    • Thanks Richelle! We are lucky to live here! What are some of your favorite getaway destinations? I sometimes just hit the Observatory and type away, then work on my journal when the laptop battery dies 🙂

  4. Matti, thanks for sharing your trip and for encouraging us to value closeness with people. The closeness with your hubs which is MUCH needed, the closeness of Baby G with his grandparents which is a BLESSING, the closeness with yourself which today happens to be a luxury. How I spend time with the people I value is what moves me and teaching my kids that relationships matter much more than things.

    • Yes Blanca, I am relearning how to connect with people! I give so much to my clients, there is sometimes not enough for me at the end of the day. I agree, we need to foster that value in our children because it is quickly becoming a thing of the past, sadly.

  5. Nice post, Matti 🙂 Yay for relaxing and reconnecting in nature. xoxo

    • Thanks Jen! I forget to make time to recharge and have to always remind myself that I am a better provider when I am not neglecting myself. Believe me – everyone is happier when I am!

  6. Looks like a great trip! Was that really bear poop?? Yikes!

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